NFC integrated into the cover glass of a Smart Embedded Display

Design smarter self-service solutions with full-screen NFC support and STM or NXP microcontrollers, allowing easy and intuitive operations.

Many of us use the convenience of #NFC technology to interact with devices such as charging stations and vending machines. Besides a straightforward user interface, operators of these self-service devices rely on a flawless interaction between the NFC tag and #antenna as key part of a satisfying user experience.

In many devices with near field communication the antenna is placed near the screen, taking away valuable space in your products design. To solve this problem, engineers at @EDT Emerging Display Technologies Corp took another approach and developed a #display where the NFC antenna has been integrated. Saving you the efforts to separately enclose this component in your end product.

Watch the video of the NFC embedded demo kit or contact our specialist in #HMI and display technology Hans Hameeteman for information.

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