MiP low-power and compact wireless modules by Mipot

Harness the power of IoT

Opportunities for IoT based solutions emerge in all sectors and transform the way modern humans live. These developments ask for compact and efficient solutions. With the addition of the Mipot MiP wireless modules, Batenburg Applied Technologies contributes to existing and future success stories in IoT driven sectors. Especially in situations where low power wireless networking is required.

The MiP module series features a LGA form factor, a wide range of available sub-GHz frequencies, high radio performances, up-to-date IoT stacks, and support for various public and private networks. This allows businesses to use the MiP modules in numerous IoT devices and applications worldwide.

MiP Wireless Module DevKit

Flexible wireless protocol based modules in a small package

Mipot designed the MiP series using cutting edge technologies and implemented a high quality chipset for reliable radio performances. The various built-in LPWAN communication protocols allow engineers to use a single protocol or combine multiple protocols in one MiP module, depending on the situation. The modules are available with wM-Bus, LoRaWAN, LoRa Mipot, LoRa Modem, Sigfox, MIoTy, or a combination of these protocols. Scalable flash memory and free memory space for specific user applications are also included in the modules’ design.

Data protection and secure communication are some of the main concerns in IoT dependent sectors and processes. Therefore Mipot packed the MiP wireless modules with advanced security features such as secure hardware isolation, secure boot and an optional secure element.

All these characteristics, packed in a small footprint of roughly 1 cm2, provide flexibility for IoT designers and meet the needs of a growing IoT and wireless communication market.

MiP Wireless Module for IoT


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