Deploy vision AI to the edge across multiple industries

The compact and well equipped embedded solutions of today can be deployed almost everywhere, without compromising on performances. Thanks to big progressions in hardware and software design, manufacturers are able to deliver innovative solutions, from which new applications arise. This transition pushes the possibilities of artificial intelligence even further. This trend brought AI machine vision technology on the list of the new digital landmarks in logistical, urban, medical, and other progressive industries.

EC70A-TGUThe development of powerful yet affordable hardware paved the way for a new generation of embedded modules, making edge computing and machine vision more accessible for a larger audience. Ongoing improvements in vision technology and edge computing enable businesses to improve their production and control capabilities, while decreasing manual efforts and overall costs. Modern cameras and sensors feed AI systems with a continues stream of detailed information, which it autonomously analyzes and almost instantly decides on how to act.

“Today’s edge is just the frontier of uncharted digital territory, where new possibilities emerge with every innovation. Batenburg Applied Technologies offers you well designed electronics that keep you ahead of this game.”

Take a big leap in Edge AI computing performance

Their new EC70A-TGU series of miniaturized industrial PCs is built around this significantly upgraded hardware. The system encapsulates the latest technologies and lets industries significantly scale-up their AI vision controlled capabilities. A powerful Intel Core low-power SoC processor, integrated with Iris Xe graphics, forms the nerve center of the system. Advanced technologies like these, combined with fast networking, high-speed PCIe expansion slots, and vibration resistance system memory, make big leaps in AI Inference possible.

Thanks to the miniaturization of desktop performance hardware, new technologies like the ones used in the DFI EC70A-TGU series, create new possibilities for IoT applications and real time visual analysis. This not only accelerates the efficiency of the applications involved, but also sets new standards in achieving accurate zero-error production lines and processes.

Boost AI capabilities with the solutions of Batenburg Applied Technologies

With the rapid expansion of Industry 4.0 and AI controlled applications, designing smart systems that grow along with self-learning applications can be challenging. Selecting the right hardware for edge computing and insuring optimal performances during the system life cycle, are areas of expertise in which Batenburg Applied Technologies plays a leading role.

Let us know what you think of DFI’s new EC70A-TGU embedded solution. We’d love to hear if this compact system is a big leap forward for your edge AI computing projects. Contact us for more information or share your user case with our sales engineers.